Michael & Liudmila Francis

We cannot remember the last time we came across someone with such level of exemplary knowledge in their field, customer service, responsiveness and work ethic. Vaughan’s actions truly demonstrated he genuinely cared about us – he meticulously assessed our circumstances, and relentlessly negotiated with the lenders to get us the best value for our new house as well as investment property.

We are now advocates for Vaughan and will highly recommend him to everyone we come across either seeking for a home loan, wishing to refinance the existing home loan/s or wanting to work with the best mortgage broker (it is not a surprise given he has earnt the title of number one Mortgage Broker in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory).

Mike and Mila Francis

Aymeric Cervi

We would like to recommend Acclaimed Home Loans, as first home buyer this was a pretty overwhelming and daunting experience at first.

After looking around for reviews and other brokers, we chose Acclaimed Home Loans for their personalized service. From the first meeting, we could truly see Acclaimed interest and patience in making sure all our questions were answered and that we knew what each step along the way would entail.

Despite issues way beyond his reach, Acclaimed really went above and beyond in helping us secure our purchase. Then, they did best to usher the bank to get the unconditional approval in as quick a manner as possible.

Alain Riesen

I highly recommend acclaimed home loans. After dealing with aussies in Manuka who made the process very painful and hard it was very refreshing to work with Vaughan and his team who made the process very easy whilst always keeping me informed the whole time.

Vaughan’s approach to business is inspiring and refreshing, he answers phone calls every time and works weekends to get the job done. No time is a bad time to contact him. This work ethic is very admirable and as a small business owner myself I aim to achieve the same customer service.

Don’t make the same mistake I did and go to another broker first go and see acclaimed home loans. They are truly the best in the business.

I will be using them for all my future business and can’t thank them enough for their hard work and professional approach.

Amin Malik Shah Abdul Majid

I would say this is probably the best mortgage brokering firm I came across. Very professional and dedicated staff and highly experienced.

Applying for a mortgage is filled with various threats and opportunities. You need a mortgage broker like Acclaimed Home loan. They do the hard work for you and work really hard to get the best for you.

Thank you Vaughan and team! You have been marvellous!

Jim and Emily Little

Vaughan is amazing. As first home buyers unsure if we were even eligible for a loan and after meeting with a couple of mortgage brokers who just made us more confused we were about to give up, when we were recommended Vaughan.

Vaughan walked us through our options, presented us with lots of different options for a minimal deposit loan and got us pre approval very quickly. When it took us lots of time to find our house, Vaughan touched base a couple of times which was appreciated.

When we finally found our home, it was much easier having acclaimed home loans dealing with the bank rather then ourselves, relieving us of a lot of stress. Vaughan was also available to be contacted at any time which was great.

We could not be more thankful to Vaughan, without him we would not have been in our own home for Christmas. Definitely a 5 star service!

Andy Mison & Polly Hemming

Vaughan has done an outstanding job for us. He responded quickly to our initial inquiry, came out to our home to discuss what we wanted to do, and he made it happen in a matter of days. I couldn’t be happier with the result, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home loan.

We found him to be down to earth, honest and customer focused. He is clearly experienced and have great contacts in real estate, and finance, which has made everything easier. When I told our conveyancer who was arranging our finance he was greatly relieved!

Excellent service, highly recommended.

Karyn & Adam Watson

Highly recommend Vaughan from Acclaimed. As a first home buyer I approached a bank about a home loan and over a period of a month got nowhere and had no idea what was happening, turns out nothing was happening except I was getting confused.

So I got in touch with Acclaimed. After getting in touch with Vaughan and meeting in his office, Vaughan made things happen. I knew what was happening and how much I could borrow. He made things easy. I didn’t have to worry about anything, and he explained it all so I understood. Very happy with the service!

Blake Reid

As a first time buyer and quite intimidated by the house buying process, I couldn’t rave enough about Vaughan’s assistance and professionalism.
He has made the process easy to understand and easy to work with.
Everything is open and when you are given the difficult choices, every piece of information is available to help with the decision making and Vaughan helped us to understand WHAT we looking at.

In short, Vaughan has made this an easy and stress free (as possible) experience and should be your first port of call when buying a home.

Michael Stekovic

Patrick O’Neill i cant thank you enough i’m so happy and appreciative for the work you have done for me. From day 1 getting knocked back by my own bank and other banks. From the first phone call when he told me they would be able to help and they will make something happen i decided to go through with it not knowing if acclaimed as a company would even be able to help and from there a late afternoon call to now.

So happy and thankful for all the work Patrick has done i really couldn’t have even imagined he would be so helpful and getting everything organized.

Id definetly recommend him to everyone that needs the help and doesnt know where to start.

I feel so happy i went through Acclaimed and most of thankful to Patrick who has done the impossible and helped me out.

Thank you so so much!

Corinne Muller

I have had the most positive experience with Vaughan and Robert at Acclaimed Home Loans. They were both professional and friendly and put me at ease from our very first meeting. As someone who knew very little about home loans before the meeting they walked me through all the steps I would need to take and clearly and concisely explained to me all terms I was unfamiliar with as well as the options which were available to me.

I was kept updated throughout the application process ensuring I knew what was happening every step of the way. Vaughan and Robert was always available for questions whenever I had them and I would not hesitate in recommending Acclaimed Home Loans to anyone!

Michelle Hamlin

I had an outstanding experience with Vaughan and would highly recommend him. He was very committed to the task, worked around my crazy work hours, took the stress out of the whole process, provided all the information I needed and explained the journey to me in a language I understood. I was very confident knowing Vaughan was looking after me and that I was getting the best possible product for my needs. So thank you Vaughan, we are so excited to be in our new home and we owe it all to you!

Rachel Howard & James Goodrick

Vaughan was an enthusiastic and dedicated broker, putting in extra effort to get us our approval in time.

He discussed a variety of options with us, not steering us to one bank, but giving us options from a range of lenders. This ensured we had a chance to approach a number of lenders with our situation and see what was possible.

It was a positive result, and the process was pretty seamless.

Donna Sheehan

I would recommend anyone to use Acclaimed Home Loans. They made the process of refinancing my home simple and stress free.

Vaughan Johnston was always available to help in any way he could. It was nice to actually find a company that was very ‘User Friendly’. Thanks

Rick Switala

I visited Vaughan the moment I was rejected finance from one of the big four. To say I have made some terrible financial decisions in the lead up to my visit would be a massive understatement. Essentially I was in the position where no bank or other well known brokers would even consider providing me with the finances I required, in the relatively small time frame I had to settle.

Vaughan’s instant professionalism and knowledge of the various lenders available re-assured me that I made the right choice trusting him with my huge financial mess. Due to the situation which I was in, I was not able to gain approval from the banks initially. However, Vaughan quite accurately predicted financial milestones which I would need to meet in order to satisfy the banks requirements. This was a stressful time for me and Vaughan was very approachable and was always responsive to questions I had.

Over the next 3 months I met those milestones and unconditional approval was received not long after (much to my amazement).

All in all, Vaughan gave me hope and believed in me (unlike the big 4) and got me the exact result I wanted, so I cannot recommend him enough. Whether you are misfortunate enough to be in a financial tombstone like I was, or if you are looking for the best possible rate. Either way, I am sure that Vaughan will exceed even your wildest expectations.

Jessica Neddrie

My experience with Vaughan was outstanding. I was referred to him by a friend and was extremely stressed about the whole process. In the first session he made me feel at ease. Vaughan walked me through every detail and process.

His knowledge and professionalism made me feel like I was making the best informed decision with regards to the right home loan for my situation. Throughout the whole process, he has continued to keep me up-to-date with every detail.

I have already referred his services to a friend and will continue to do so with everybody I speak to who is even thinking about getting a home loan in the future.

Jackson Rupcic

I was a first-home buyer and completely unfamiliar with the whole process involved with buying a house.

I was pointed in Vaughan’s direction by a workmate and he was not only able to help me with first picking a suitable loan for my house, but he was also able to quickly and professionally sort out the issues that cropped up after I’d picked the loan (by no fault of Vaughan’s). He’s a busy guy but I felt like he was always available at short notice to me on the phone, through email, and face to face. I felt like I could really rely on him for any assistance with loan and bank-related issues and queries, and he was always quick to respond with the answers that I needed.

As he was formerly a real estate agent he has insight into that industry and was able to provide overviews and general advice on the whole process of buying a house, which made him very useful as almost a one-point contact for anything related to buying a house.

I would highly recommend Vaughan’s services to anyone looking at buying a house or getting a home loan.

Callum Walker

Very informative and easy to deal with, personalised approach with finding the best deal for me, look forward to continuing to work with Vaughan and save money where I can in my home loan.

Roger Edwards

The guys at Acclaimed got me an awesome rate!! I got their number from a mate of mine.

Glad i called them. Now i have my beautiful home, with an awesome rate.

I got screwed by my own bank.

I thought it was a pretty good deal, until they showed me my bank was actually really terrible.

Also i have to mention that they answered my calls after hours on Sundays, as i have to work late during the week. That’s a gold star service in my book.

Cracking job lads 😉

Pradip & Indira Gautam

We had a great experience with Vaughan Johnston from Acclaimed Home Loans.

We found him to be very professional, helpful and provided us a tailored service. We have not seen any other brokers until now that are positive, helpful, honest and caring. This is why we would like to recommend anyone in Canberra thinking of getting a loan or reviewing their existing loans for refinancing to at least have a chat with Vaughan because he will show you your options. You could actually save hundreds of $$ if not thousands which you don’t know until you see him. He is very quick unlike others who don’t bother responding to emails and answering phones. He was able to get us a full approval in less than a week.

We met Vaughan when we went to a property viewing and inspection in Florey which is when we gave him our details. The same day we received an email from him asking us to fill in online forms which we did. Soon after completing the application action online I called him and said that we were seriously looking for property and were hopeful that he could get us the best deal available out in the market soon as possible because we were desperately looking for approval to be able to make an offer on properties we liked. He said that as a broker that was exactly his job, to provide the best available options for the loan that suited our needs. He came to our place the next day to grab the documents and discussed his strategies and all available options. He was able to get us a loan on a very good rate and we were quite impressed with the rate because we had only 5% deposit (excluding the stamp duty and other costs) and thought we would be paying heaps more. We signed everything and he lodged the application on Monday. By Friday he came with an approval to our surprise. I texted him and said that he made our day. Sorry about the long story but this is exactly what happened.

Finally I would like to reiterate that Acclaimed Home Loans looked after us very well. With out their help we would not have bought the property in such as short time in which we did. The whole process was very simple and straight forward. Vaughan deliverd above and beyond our expectations of a typical mortgage broker. I would like to recommend him and infact told a few of my friends and families to call him to review their existing home loan or if they are going for a new loan.

We are sure you will be in great hands so please don’t hesitate to call him.

Nicole Austin

Vaughan is a great morgage broker. He takes the time to listen and explain everything in simple terms to make it easy to find the right home loan with the best deal. Thanks again Vaughan

Laiman Cahyadi

Vaughan provides me with professional, friendly and informative service, takes away a lot of uncertainties and stress from my experience purchasing my first property. Pleasant to do business with. Very responsive with all my queries. Would highly recommend.

Adrian Kuffner

Thank you for all of your wonderful help with me attaining my new house loan! I can`t believe how easy they both made the process look! A couple of pay slips and a few answered questions and within 1 week I have a fantastic loan at super low interest rates!

These 2  highly motivated men have made the banks look weak at the knees! Give them a call to make the best decision and change your life forever!

Kindest regards Adrian.

Alan Liversidge

I highly recommend Vaughan. He was very informative, helpful and prompt with all home loan matters.

Dexter Hall

Vaughan saved me $156 month.
I went to my bank and got what thought was a normal interest rate.
Then he showed me how much my bank was ripping me off.

I’m happy to say i’m using Vaughan from now on.

Thanks mate 🙂

Nikki Thurbon

Very friendly and helpful with the 100 questions or so I liked to asked!

Bryan Moore

Vaughan organised my home loan, was very organised and got me a great rate for my refinanced home loan. He was able to explain the process and was always on call if I had any questions. Highly recommended!!

Michelle Van Dan Hoek

Vaughan was really helpful and well informed.

Michael Taylor

Vaughan has been excellent! Very happy with the service. Much easier to deal with then a bank. Vaughan has been very approachable throughout the process and has made the purchasing process very easy.

Catherine Hungerford

Thanks to Vaughan who has provided me with an excellent service. He is experienced, knowledgeable, and follows up in a timely way. I was referred to Vaughan by friends, with the best of recommendations;

I would certainly refer Vaughan on to my own family and friends.

Pamela Manouras

Vaughan is hands down the best home loan specialist I have ever spoken to. He knows absolutely everything and gives you the best advice and so in no way, shape or form do you get ripped off.

I can’t thank you enough Vaughan for your continuous communication skills, going above and beyond your requirements.

I don’t have enough words to express how much I recommend you speak to Acclaimed Home Loans, honestly people, you will not regret it!

Kin & Faezah Do

A big thank you to Acclaimed Home Loans for providing us an outstanding service in organising the loan for us.  We found Acclaimed very approachable and always available to answer any questions we had.

We are very happy with the service we received from Acclaimed and highly recommend them to others who are in the market for a mortgage broker.

Mr and Mrs Do

Bramen Thamo

My experience with Acclaimed Home Loans is outstanding. As I’m a first home buyer and had no experience with home loan, I contacted many banks and brokers but I got many negative answers from them.

I was referred to him by a friend. In the first session Vaughan made us feel ease.

Vaughan supported and guide me through every detail and process.


Acclaimed is such a wonderful company. We are amazed with the services provided. Vaughan is terrific, professional, and extremely reliable.

Their knowledge and service really set them apart. They went above and beyond just choices, making us very happy customers.

We would highly recommend Acclaimed’s professionalism, energy levels and personality to anyone.

Ben Knight

Purchasing your first home can be a daunting task. Thanks to the AMAZING support and Guidance from Vaughan, my Partner and I were able to purchase our 1st Home.

Vaughan made the entire process simple and was there every step of the way. No question was ever too silly or complicated and we never felt like we were being a bother.

It has been amazing to deal with someone who not only understands the Leading market but took to the time to get to know us and what we needed so we got the best deal possible.

We definitely recommend anyone looking to purchase a house to use Acclaimed Home Loans.

Natalie Darby & Nick Twohig

Vaughan provided excellent assistance. He went above and beyond to ensure that we were able to make our pre-approval deadline within a very short time frame. He seemed genuinely interested in helping us find the best deal possible and we look forward to continuing to work with him on our home finding journey.

We definitely recommend anyone looking to purchase a house to use Acclaimed Home Loans.

Pranab Acharya

Vaughan has been an amazing broker for us. As we were new to the property business, he not only helped us get the best loan, but pretty much guided us through the whole buying process.

His advise in dealing with the real estate, lawyers and the bank has been invaluable for us. He was very attentive and was ready to negotiate all our requirements with the bank. Even when we changed our minds with the home loan a few times, he was always patient and understanding of our circumstances. Furthermore, through his connections, he helped us secure the property we were after as well!

I cannot recommend him enough and will definitely utilize his services in the future!

Darren Smith

We cannot recommend Acclaimed Home Loans highly enough. Acclaimed is both generous with their time and knowledge, and put all of his skills and experience into finding us an amazing home loan deal on our mortgage refinance.

We are now one month post-settlement with our new loan and are so happy with the outcome and the amount of interest we are now saving.

We will always return to Acclaimed Home Loans in the future.

Edgar & Erica Sharp

Wow, what can I say? My wife & I were in a pretty dire situation trying to deal directly with one of major banks, and counting down to 4 days before auction we still had not received pre-approval or any decent communication on what was happening. We then called Vaughan on a mates recommendation, he basically dropped everything and stayed back till after 9pm with us preparing a new application, going through every conceivable detail to ensure there were no hold ups.
Just in the nick of time we’ve got the pre-approval we need to bid at auction tomorrow, at a rate 0.2% better than the ‘great deal’ we were hoping for with the bank! Thanks again Vaughan!!

James Barralon

I cannot sing Vaughan’s praises enough. We didn’t have the 20% Deposit and at first my partner and myself went to the bank to enquire about getting a home loan and in no uncertain terms the bank showed us the door. As luck would have it and as a last ditched effort, we found Vaughan. He spent the time to go through our situation and history then put together the application.

Nothing was too difficult and he was always a phone call or email away when needed. As stated by Vaughan he ‘works a 10-day week’, and put together a winning application that intern got us the loan with the bank that said no to us originally.

I would highly and happily recommend Vaughan services to anyone.

Stuart Lowry

Over the moon with the help and support we have received from acclaimed home loans. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Getting as the best possible deal, interest rate and options.

Going above and beyond to help us and not just to get a pay day. Cant thank you enough.

Thanks again and for anyone looking for a broker i can recommend highly enough. .

Bruno Sciacca

I have had the pleasure of recently dealing with Vaughan in his capacity as a mortgage broker.

During my dealings with Vaughan, he secured a home loan on my behalf for the purposes of an investment property. During this time, I found Vaughan to be approachable, knowledgeable, down to earth and easy to deal with at all times.

Vaughan not only took a “partnership view” to ensure the right loan and outcome was achieved for me, but also gave me the right advice when I needed it, in a respectful and honest way.

Vaughan’s energy, enthusiasm and hardworking values makes him an efficient and effective operator in this highly competitive industry.

I would not hesitate to recommend Vaughan to a prospective client.

Lance Karavitis & Hollie Masterson

As a first home buyer the whole process of applying for a loan and purchasing a house was a very daunting process.
Vaughan at Acclaimed home loans made us feel at ease with the entire process.

The level of customer service provided by Vaughan was impeccable, being able to contact him by appointment after hours made it extremely convenient and a smother process. His knowledge of the industry made us feel extremely comfortable and confident in the loan we were choosing.

We highly recommend Vaughan to anyone considering a loan, and will be referring everyone we know to him in the future.
Thank you again, to Vaughan and the team at acclaimed home loans

Lance and Hollie

Kayleigh McNabb

Vaughan is really great – he got everything done at record speed and was able to organise everything required quickly (especially when we weren’t the easiest to get information out of). He made the process of refinancing really easy for us 🙂


The Woodies

Very happy customers here! Vaughan has provided us with excellent service in our loan re-financing, which all went very smoothly and on time. He has always been helpful and very approachable…and always willing to answer questions – the same cannot be said for other mortgage brokers! 🙂

Daniel Hardy

Vaughan is no doubt, the best broker, I’ve dealt with.

I’ve had my share of brokers and loan mangers in my time, and he is the clear winner.
I had a complex deal, which he went above and beyond, to get it over the line.
Also he is very nice to deal with, and his communication was very good.

You will always have my business Vaughan. Well done!!!
I’ll make sure that i’ll pass on your details to my family.


Lynne Shearn

I had never dealt with a Mortgage Broker before , as I had that old fashion idea that you must stick with your bank , as a loyalty thing.
But on a recommendation from a friend I gave it a go and rang Vaughan.
Wow, was I impressed. He listened, and then went away and researched my best options . He had great knowledge on the products available, and with that , gave me a number of wonderful options to choose from that suited my financial situation. I would never have got that from my bank.
I am rapt, thank you Vaughan so much.

Brendan Summerfield

Vaughan from Acclaimed Home Loans is a legend.
When the major brokers were able to provide a great rate, Vaughan was always able to beat it… I found him to also be honest, friendly, proactive and extremely accommodating towards my mortgage needs. I will recommend him to everyone i know.

Erika woltring

Patrick O’Neill helped me out with my loan.  There were delays that I caused along the way (by not being able to get paperwork to him because of the crazy hours I work).  He understood that I was doing the best I could and never rushed me or got annoyed.

He always told me the things I needed to provide and I could contact him by email, text or phone any time I needed to.  I’ve never had a mortgage before and couldn’t have got this one sorted out without his consistent assistance along the way.

Erika Woltring.

Katrina Prgomet

Professional, friendly and works very quickly. Best choice we have ever made. Thanks Vaughan

Talal Rad

Huge thanks to Vaughan at Acclaimed Home Loans!
He was able to successfully negotiate a competitive interest rate on my home loan with one of the big Four banks! Something I was not able to do on my own!

I would highly recommend Vaughan to anyone looking to either re-adjust their existing home loan, or looking to arrange finance for a new purchase!

Cate Rogers

Vaughan was helpful at every step of the way in the purchase of my home. He was always available if I had a question and was excellent at follow up. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Jessica Neddrie

My experience with Vaughan was outstanding.

I was referred to him by a friend and was extremely stressed about the whole process. In the first session he made me feel at ease. Vaughan walked me through every detail and process. His knowledge and professionalism made me feel like I was making the best informed decision with regards to the right home loan for my situation. Throughout the whole process, he has continued to keep me up-to-date with every detail.

I have already referred his services to a friend and will continue to do so with everybody I speak to who is even thinking about getting a home loan in the future.

Xiu Yi

Vaughan is a very professional mortgage broker. He helped us a lot and identified a most suitable loan in our recent purchase of a property in Sydney. We are so happy with his service and definitely would recommend him to other people.

Tim Eacott

Vaughan has been a fantastic help, he has secured me an amazing interest rate saving me over $500 a month! I would highly recommend him.

Devendra Mira

Vaughan has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. He has been very helpful from day 1 of our process and got the job done very quick.

We had our setellment withing 2 weeks of applying. He was very efficient with his job. Vaughan is very approchable and always eager to help and always answers his phone be it weekday or weekend.
Thank You Vaughan u Rock!
Devendra and Mira

Hasanka Thalindra

Sound professional service throughout the mortgage process. Highly recommended his service for anyone.

Susan Kay

Vaughan was very knowledgeable about current products and deals available in the marketplace. He quickly assessed my situation and was able to obtain approval without any fuss.

Vaughan’s enthusiasm and good natured positive attitude made the mortgage process smooth and easy. Highly recommended

Shammi Uththara

Excellent service and highly recommended to anyone.

Michael Cook

Had a great experience with Acclaimed, they were very happy to come to me after hours, and i tested them on a few occasions, and i must say they are really working for me.

I suspected my last broker to be giving me a lender that would pay him more in his pocket, and not giving me the best rate. I was right after doing more research.

The guys at acclaimed showed me what they we getting with the lender they suggested (Which was a fair better rate than the other broker), and it paid them very little compared to the other banks.

This shows to me they are doing the right thing for me.

Life time customer here.


Thanks for the hard work.

Kristy West

Excellent rate, Excellent service.

I hate dealing with the banks, so I talked with a friend in my mothers group, and said Vaughan is the guy to help me.

He was very approachable, and is nice to deal with.

I didn’t realise he was free. I thought Brokers cost money.

So happy i got him to do the hard work for me.

Phillip Du

Really thank you, Vaughan.

I know it is hard to get my loan approved within 2 days which demonstrate s your profession, competitiveness and also, your service which is great. You are always willing to answer my question s anytime patiently. Especially, when you faced the pressure from the real estate agent, who is pushy, even rude, you are still thinking how to take care of your client.

I really appreciate your efforts and commitments.



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